Verrückt – World’s Tallest Water Slide

Verrückt – World’s Tallest Water SlideHello dear users, it has been a while since I have posted some interesting news here so I have decided to present you this article which will impress you very much.

So let’s begin with worlds highest water slides, which can be extremely funny and at the same time scary, but in any ways it will guarantee you to receive adrenaline and unforgettable feelings as well:

1) Number one water slide in the world at the moment is Kilimanjaro which is located in Brazil at it is 164 feet high.

2) Second place goes to the Insano which is also located in Brazil and its height is 135 feet.

3) Third place belongs to the Spacemaker which is in Italy and it is 132 feet high.

4) After that we have Deep Water Dive which is located in Kentucky and it has height of 121 feet.

There are also other popular water slides in the world which are also more than 100 feet in height and they are also very beautiful and entertaining as well, but today I want to present you new worlds highest water slide which will be located here in Kansas City at Schlitterbahn Water Park!

Isn’t it amazing? To visit world’s highest water slide which will be written in the Guinness Book of world records? I bet you can’t wait to see it and all of it is possible because of Schlitterbahn!

Name of this wonderful waterslide is “Verrückt” which in German means insane and it is going to be higher than both Niagara Falls and the Statue of Liberty, if you will count in number it is going to be high as 168.5 feet, now you know why they have chosen this name.

Speed, which will you develop while falling from this water slide is going to be tremendous and it will be like as if you are falling from the sky and flying, unbelievable and unforgettable experience in deed.