Schlitterbahn Galveston Coupons

Schlitterbahn Galveston CouponsSchlitterbahn Galveston is an island waterpark in Texas. The waterpark covers about 26 acres and has more than 30 attractions within. Unlike most waterparks, it has the convertible technology, allowing them to be opened all year long. Such places attract many people to visit the waterpark. Sometimes visitors want to get better prices and coupons (or codes) sometimes are the solutions.

Where luck is needed

Three Schlitterbahn Galveston (also applies to other Schlitterbahn waterparks) coupon codes are available at, which offers either 30% or 36 USD off when using the coupon codes. There are two main downsides, however. First, codes expire soon and second, these codes have a very low success rate, between 4-7 percent. So, chances are quite slim, when hoping to get a discount from that site. However, the site also has nine other code-free coupon deals.

Right time, right place

Another page, where from Schlitterbahn Galveston coupon codes can be found, is There you can find four codes, but three of them have expired. However, according to the site, they still might work. One coupon code there offers up to 50% + extra 10 USD off the price. That code is the only one, which hasn’t expired yet and it has 38% success rate (roughly 4,700 attempts made). One of the expired codes offers free room if you buy four tickets. And it has 67% of success rate. If you feel lucky, this is the one you might want to take a shot at.

Where to keep your eye on also has one coupon code available at their site. Although there is no details or success rate provided, this is the page where to go and take a closer look at. also offers multiple other coupons, which don’t require a code. Another site, where Schlitterbahn Galveston coupon codes can found at is Although there are no active codes at the moment, then like, a sharp eye should be kept on that site for future dealings and there are some code free coupons as well.

There you have it, four sites providing Schlitterbahn Galveston (and other Schlitterbahn waterparks) coupon codes and deals. Some of them have let people down quite miserably, but others work quite well. With a little bit of luck, one can get his or her desired coupon and enjoy the waterpark itself.

coupon exampleOf course, you can also get coupons on site if you don’t fancy planning ahead, and would rather wing it. That’s always fun. After all, you’re looking at water parks to have fun in them, right?